Hard Shoe Bootcamp

"There is something in here for everyone from beginners to advanced levels, from basic trebles to fast back trebles and everything in between. Improve your turn out, dance louder and stronger and become a better heavy shoe dancer. Challenge yourself and use these drills as part of your regular dance practice and I can guarantee you see noticeable difference in no time!" Shane McAvinchey

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Shane McAvinchey started dancing at the age of six and has been dancing his way around the world since. Shane began Irish Dancing almost by accident. While collecting his sister at her dancing class, the teacher coaxed him to his feet and taught him his first steps. While at the Anne Callanan School of Dancing he showed great interest in dancing competitively and competed in Munster, all-Ireland, Scottish, English and World Championships.

Shane has performed extensively across the world with Riverdance and has appeared in major TV productions including an advertisement in Chicago USA for the department store “Marshall Fields” and The Jose Carreras Gala Show in 2003 which was broadcast live across parts of Europe to over six million viewers.

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