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"My workshop will help you focus on fine tuning your technique by using drills that will improve all different aspects of your dancing. Along with the drills I will be teaching 3 fun treble reel steps that dancers at all levels can enjoy. " Scott Doherty

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Here are 10 things you should know about him:

1 – Scott Doherty is the 2009 CLRG Men’s World Champion of Irish dance.

2 – Scott made his professional debut in 2005 with the North American tour of Riverdance.

3 – He has toured with both Riverdance and Michael Flatley’s Lord of the Dance.

4 – Scott was invited to perform the lead role of Lorcan in Gaelforce Dance for their 2012/2013 tours of Europe and Asia.

5 – Since 2007, Scott has been performing in the Irish dance shows at Busch Gardens, serving as Celtic Fyre‘s dance captain and main principal dancer since 2012.

6 – He has also been a guest performer with many acclaimed Irish acts, including the Irish Tenors, Cherish the Ladies, Michael Londra, and Andy Cooney

7 – Scott is also a proud co-creator of the new hit show Rockin’ Road to Dublin.

8 – Scott’s Diddlyi workshop will be filmed in an abandoned Anglican Church in Cleveland, Ohio that was once used as part of the Underground Railroad.

9 – The Diddlyi Team met Scott through our lovely Dance Master, Ashley Smith.

10 – Scott performed with Ashley Smith at the opening ceremony of the 2013 CLRG World Irish Dancing Championships.

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Treble Reel #1

Treble Reel #2

Treble Reel #3

Toe Diddly Toe

Toe Bang Hold

Treble & a Toe Bang

Double Click

Forward Treble Rhythm

Quick Warmup

Back Treble

Rhythm Drill

Double Back Click

Hop Bang Bang & Bang Bang

Treble a Toe & Slide

And Tip 1-2-3 Moving

Held Trebles

Brush Step 1-2 Brush

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