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Prices are in US Dollars. Any other currency listed is only an approximation and will change according to current exchange rates.

Prices for services are subject to change.  Subscribers will be given advance notice of any changes and will be given the option to opt out of any payments.

Payments are made by monthly or annual subscription unless otherwise stated.

Diddlyi Media may add or remove any features and content (including participation from Dance Masters) listed on the site which are all subject to change.

In the unlikely event of the cessation of operation of Diddlyi, subscribers will only be charged for the most recent full month of service and will continue to be able to access the site’s content for an additional month. Those who have purchased a Workshop will have access to the contents of that Workshop for 6 months.

Diddlyi Media cannot guarantee access at all times to the web service due to unplanned technical issues.

Service may not be able for periods of time because of planned technical maintenance. Users will be told when to expect such outages.

Terms of Use

Only one individual may use Diddlyi for each subscription or Workshop bought.  This means that groups of people including families and schools cannot share access to the one Diddlyi account. We measure usage patterns to look for unusually active accounts and reserve the right to suspend any accounts that we believe are not following this rule.

Irish Dancing
Diddlyi is in no way a form of workshop or a replacement for a teacher. The purpose of the instructional videos on Diddlyi are for helping you improve your dancing. Dance steps are not intended to be used in CLRG (Irish dancing organisation) competitions.

All content on the site, remains the property of Diddlyi Media.

Data and Security

Diddlyi Media offers PCI compliant storage for your billing information. Strong Versign SSL encryption ensures all your communications and data are secure based on stringent security guidelines.

Refund Policy

If you are not completely satisfied with the service we will give you a refund of your most recent monthly credit card payment – annual subscribers have 30 days from their annual payment to claim a refund.  Refunds will not be made for any greater amount.


We welcome your feedback. Complaints and other queries can be made by contacting the Diddlyi Media office (details below) or submitting a ticket through our customer service system.


You use these Irish dancing instructional videos at your own risk. Diddlyi cannot take responsibility for any injuries that are as a result of your practice.

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