Your First Steps with Shane McAvinchey

The 1-2-3

The Rising Step


  1. I like the slow analysis the most – it is really important to get each moment from the steps! Even if already danced before. A great help to clear all details! Thanks for it! 😉

  2. Getting the concept of 123 better today. Not as easy as I thought. Will truly have to work on this for awhile. I’ve a bit too much body, so I’m goin to have convince it – we can do this – we will. The slow motion got thru to me. I can now imagine clearly how some of my Highland dance students 30+ years ago felt when they were awkward.

  3. @Catherine Rayes Aye, it does take some gettin’ used to! it usually takes quite a bit o time to get used to the 1-2-3’s but trust me, if ya just stick at it, and take it nice n slow, you will learn all of the easy reel in no time! Every dance ya learn makes the next one easier 😉 Good luck!

    Hup yaboya!

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