Treble Back & Toe with Shane McAvinchey

Treble, Back & Toe Combo


  1. I am sorry to say but I would like to see the whole pack of ‘hard shoe bootcamp’ resounded, because being not a native-speaker it’s kind of hard for me to catch what Shane says because of the echo and the low quality of the sound on the whole. I had to listen to one thing for several times 🙁 The pack ‘improve your dancing’ is done much better professionally, one time to listen is enough. On the whole I enjoy, have much fun watching it and wish you good luck and crouds of subscribers!

  2. Hi Lagarta .. yes, we filmed this workshop in a venue that ended up being a little bit too echoey, so sorry if you have had difficulty in understanding what Shane is saying. We’ve learned our lesson though, and we pay particular attention to the audio quality now.

    You’ll enjoy the upcoming Workshop with Nicola Byrne!

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