The King of the Fairies with Nicola Byrne

Right Foot

Left Foot



  1. looks great! can’t wait to try it and see the other videos. I have one of these heel moves in my HP that I used to struggle to understand, and because it was broken down so well here, I can finally do it correctly.

  2. so would the left then be danced out at the left angle, like repeat the pattern but reverse the side? and is there a second part of this after the lead out on both sides?

    • Hi Aisling,

      Yes, you are right the left foot is then performed at the same angle but with the opposite foot. We will be releasing the left foot very soon followed by the next part which is called the “set part” which is longer but only danced with the right foot.

  3. Hi Hanna – which part are you talking about exactly? Can you tell me the time on the video of where you would want the slow motion to start?

    • Hi Caitie –

      No, the Three Sea Captains can be danced in the traditional way, using the traditional steps usually at around speed 90-96.

      Hope this helps!


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