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The King of the Fairies with Nicola Byrne

Right Foot

Left Foot



  1. i love set dances sutch as this one and three sea captans . but was wondering what level are the king of the fairies and the 3 sea captans?

  2. Hi, James. Traditional set dances don’t really have levels but some are more tricky then others. King of the fairies would probably be one of the more difficult traditional set dances whereas Three Sea Captains would be more basic. Hope this helps!

  3. it doesn’t look like the traditional set put down by Olive Hurley, nor does it look like the one I learned as a child.

    • Hi Lorraine,
      King of the Fairies can be danced as a traditional set (meaning the steps would have come from a dance master a long time ago and would be danced very similarly around the world in a traditional manner) or as a modern set meaning that the choreographer or teacher composes their own steps to the music at whatever speed they choose. In competitive Irish dance, modern sets are used for the final round in a championship and are known as the dance which is used to really display the skill of the dancer and the choreographic ability of the teacher. All the best, Rebecca @ Diddlyi

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