Beginners Easy Reel with Shane McAvinchey

Lead Around

Side Step

1st Step

2nd Step

Complete Dance


  1. Nice this easy reel. Actualy, in general this kind of reel is my favourite out of the beginners dances. With my school I only got to learn the easy reel and the light jig. But I have to say that it was much easier this time. I learned both the easy reel and the light jig in one hour.
    I just love it!!! Thanx for geting my to irish dance again!

  2. Hey! Olive Hurley has some wonderful DVDs you could use while in Germany. There are more soft shoe dances too… Slip Jig & Single Jig. I am sure as you go through the lessons and thru time… they will add more soft shoe dances for you to work on. (plus things are ALWAYS easier the 2nd time around)

  3. How R ya!

    If you look in the “Programme” section of the website you will see all the upcoming steps and dances along with their release dates!

    And, don’t be forgettin that tis not only about knowing the steps but tis knowing how to dance them properly with the right technique 😉 I believe there is a song with the words “its not what you, its the way that you do it – thats what gets results!” A grand ould song it is!

  4. @collen, I will look for those DVD’s, thanx for the hint 🙂 It is better the second time around, indeed 🙂 I really love it.

  5. @cormac, I know what you’re saying 🙂 practice is the mother of success. don’t worry, I will practice every day, in every moment that I have to spare 🙂 I am not trying to rush things through the softies level just to get to the hard shoes part. I just want to enjoy my soft shoes time 🙂
    Thanx for the advices 🙂

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