Beginner Plus Treble Reel with Shane McAvinchey


Complete Dance

1st Step

2nd Step

3rd Step


  1. Hi everyone!

    Well here it is, a little bit of a treble reel sequence for you all! Treble reels are always lots of fun and definitely worth using in performances with some lively reel music!

    You will notice that I am just doing each one of these steps on the right foot, I just did this to give you a break using the left but if you want you can also do each step with the left foot too! You could even repeat the whole sequence with the left foot at the end..

    Anyway, hope you enjoy this and have lots of fun!!


  2. OOh I like that! Can’t wait to work on it. I have feis steps and troupe steps to learn so may be slow in adding this but I like it. You make it look so easy……

  3. Oh! And thank you for putting the complete dance up first! If we want to figure out the other steps before the instructional video – we can! The rolling trebles will keep me busy for a little while though.

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