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Beginner Plus Treble Reel with Shane McAvinchey


Complete Dance

1st Step

2nd Step

3rd Step


  1. I get the impression those rolling/consecutive trebles are pretty important… could you put up the training/technique/drill piece up as soon as possible? I’ll be your biggest fan…. 😉

  2. Oh! And thank you for putting the complete dance up first! If we want to figure out the other steps before the instructional video – we can! The rolling trebles will keep me busy for a little while though.

  3. hmmm. So if you end with the Right foot in front…is it a rocket jump (or whatever you call the two footed landing) to get into the Left foot? I’m likin’ it though 😀

  4. hmmm… not sure what you mean by a “rocket jump” I cant say I have ever heard this expression?? But I can tell you that you finish the step with two feet on the floor and when goin’ into the next step you lift up off both feet and start by using the left foot at the back (if that makes any sense to ya!?!?)

  5. ahh- the joys of regional voabulary. 🙂
    So do you think just a jump off both feet?
    Or a jump with a front leg lift?
    Either way there..
    Are you whipping that L foot around for a proper Left Foot – or just doing a Right Foot 2x?
    I know, soooooooooo picky am I… Many thanks 😀

  6. The joys indeed!! 😉

    I think just a jump off both feet would work best. At the end of the first step “treble in the front” you will have both feet on the floor, you will then push off the left foot at the back pushin’ both feet into the air and landing on the back foot for the first beat of the next step.. If that makes sense!??

    Hup Yaboya!

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