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Beginner Plus Reel with Shane McAvinchey


Lead Around

1st Step

2nd Step

Complete Dance


  1. Hi Adriana – I think the best way to do this is go step by step first. We broke things up like that so you can get the hang of each step before attempting the whole dance.

  2. To be sure. I remember the steps by singing the song from each group of steps. It’s just nice to have it all together so I can play it from my computer (and hear the steps) while I dance. 😀

  3. I wish you would put the beginners plus slp jig , complete dance to music up. I know all the steps but I would like to see it done to music as with all the other dances?

  4. oh ok i finally got what i was doing wrong all the time in class 😀 no more of that “what-are-you-doing?!” look 😀

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