Beginner Plus Reel with Shane McAvinchey


Lead Around

1st Step

2nd Step

Complete Dance


  1. Another fine step here! Thanks Shane for that!

    Lots of interestin’ moves here such as Back 2,3s, jumps and points! Certainly a step that you can really move and lift in! Make sure you are liftin’ those legs on all those jumps while keeping your posture! Let me know if ye are havin’ any difficulties with this one!

    Hup Yaboya!

  2. I love this music, of course I love those steps!
    Would you please let me know the CD’s title including this music?
    I want to buy it from supplier and practice with this music.

  3. Hey everyone!

    I hope you like my next step of the Beginners Plus reel! You are going to love getting up really high in the air for those back 2,3s and flying high in that jump!

    You should try and find a large space to dance this once you know the step well enough. As our camera angels were not so wide during this shoot I really had to confine myself but you can really fly around in this step!!

    Have fun and Fly High!

  4. You definately could move a ton on this step. Good job keeping it in the frame 🙂 Best “Kitchen Dancing” video I’ve ever seen 😉

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