Beginner Plus Heavy Jig with Shane McAvinchey

Lead Around

1st Step

2nd Step

Complete Dance


  1. This is a great lead around. Is this the “slow” (more advanced) double jig?
    Thoughts on double jig for traditional (fast) music? Does that fall under a different category?

  2. How are ye!

    Yes, this would be danced to a “slow” double jig and would be more advanced then the beginners jig which is usually danced to faster music.

    Dancin’ to fast traditional jig music is mighty fun too and I know that a lot of live musicians (unless they are feis musicians) dont really like to be playin’ slow jigs!

    Here’s a tip, try dancin’ the steps from the Beginners Heavy jig to a fast traditional jig, the steps (although danced much faster) usually go well with that music and its a great ould party piece too!

  3. I am an adult that competes and am trying to “drop down” to the & Overs… I have to get a 1st in every dance at the Adult Prizewinner level before my school allows us to do that. I’ve only got Single Jig, Double Jig, Hornpipe and Traditional Set left… and just to throw an extra wrinkle in it – we often do not have the 5+ people needed for it to count. So frustrating. I am thinking about trying either this one or the 1st step to “fast” music just to keep myself engaged in the activity and competing my best. Ok too much info for you – but there it is. 🙂

  4. @Colleen You’re brave to compete as an adult. Here in Utah Adults are looked down upon. I’ve never had the inclination to compete myself.

    @Moontor Cormac The clicks are lovely and low. How low is too low, how high is too high? Does it depend upon what speed you’re dancing to?

  5. @Brooke Curnow The clicks are indeed lovely in this step and Shane manages to keep nice turn out and point while doin’ them (very important!!)

    In regards to your question about the height of clicks – Well I think it is really up to the dancer, the step and of course the music. If the music is fast then there won’t be time for the dancer to kick their legs high in the air, if the dancer is not experienced then kicking their legs too high might not look so impressive with toes stickin’ up all over the place, bendy knees and poor posture and god forbid a fall!!

    When doin’ high clicks its best sticking with what feels comfortable and practising slowly with low clicks and then gradually getting higher while keeping good posture, point and turn out.

    In this dance the clicks are low as there is not enough time to do them high.

    Diddlyi Learn will have technique tips and drills for high clicks over the comin’ months…

    Hope that helps!

    Hup Yaboya!

  6. Great job on these steps ladies!! Sooooo great to see the steps from Diddlyi Learn being danced by others! It really shows that it works!!!! Well done to ya for accomplishing this and your rhythm is fantastic!

    Dont forget to get nice n lively when yer dancin’ and make sure to move all the way around the floor 😉

    Hup yaboya!

  7. Last weekend I saw a lot of dancers doing this step at the Saint Petersburg Open Feis 2011 at primary level.

  8. Hi Valery,

    Yes, I am sure you did see dancers doing this step at Primary level, these were actually my pupils from my school “Tir na nOg” in Russia. Beginner plus is the name I put on the level of this step as the names for different levels vary from country to country, USA, for example, has about 6 different levels whereas Ireland only has four.

    It is not allowed to use my steps in competition but as these dancers in St. Petersburg are my own pupils it is fine.

    Fly high!


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