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Beginner Plus Heavy Jig with Shane McAvinchey

Lead Around

1st Step

2nd Step

Complete Dance


  1. It would be very helpfull for me to explain in slow-mo treble- treble-treble. I cannot understand how the supporting foot moves back.

  2. @Valery – How R Ye!? I know, these “consecutive trebles” as Shane called them in the Slow Motion analysis can be quite tricky indeed! Although the look like the most difficult thing in the whole wide world, they are not actually as hard once you have practised them slowly!

    All ya have to do is treble with your right foot, then treble with your left and then right one again before bringin it back for a toe at the back! (reeeally easy eh??) hehe, ah no, I know tis not easy at all but like anythin’ a little bit o’ practise goes a long way!

    Hopefully the Slow motion analysis will help ye out!!

  3. I’m fine, thank you, still practicing my treble_back_and _toe, just was curious about this amazing movement :). Its clearer now with slow mo and your explanation about when things happen. I’ll try it tommorow at the back of my office 🙂

  4. Yeay! Slo-mo! I am excited to see it tonight since dance class was cancelled due to cold weather 🙁

    But at least you’ve given me something dancey to look forward to.

  5. Lovely step. Consecutive trebles are my favorite part! If they aren’t even they sound like crap though. Love the slow mo!

  6. Hows it goin’ lads!?

    Seems that this step is a popular one and all are enjoyin’ the “consecutive trebles”! Don’t be worryin’ if they dont sound right at the start, practise makes perfect and you will be jiggin’ along in no time!! Keep workin’!

  7. Ok – I swear I did the video right when I got home. It has to be converted on Vimeo and they are saying another 3 hours. I will check before I go to bed but it might have to be tomorrow before it posts… 🙁

  8. Mmmm, delicious! 😉
    I always click on the “full step just beats”, after I got the movements, to get the rythm right. Don’t know why, but it’s easier for me to “hear” the holds and quick taps with the full version. Maybe because I always “sing” the steps in my head while I dance them 😀
    Thanks for this one too – love it!
    (Ouh, how I missed to dance!!!!)

  9. This is such a great step. It’s so nice to have an interesting rhythm for traditional speed since adults here cannot do slow speeds!

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