Basic Rhythms with Shane McAvinchey

Basic Rhythms


  1. Thanks a million for the video!! This is what I have wanted, especially the clips from the side!! I found this video very helpful.

  2. I am loving these. It seems there is a very slight step off the back foot in order to get to the front treble is that right? this is how I learned anyway…. I am trying to make sure I am telling other people the right way. ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. I’m struggling with consecutive trebles from the 1st step of Shane’s heavy jig plus. Can’t get the rhythm right. Is Drill 1 the same as treble-treble-treble from the dance? I don’t know why but I keep hearing different rhythms – as if the clicks are “accented” differently. Or am I wrong?

    • Hi Unaunita!

      Yes, these trebles from drill 1 are the same kind that can be seen in my 1st step of the Beginner Plus Heavy Jig. The only difference being that in the Jig you are doing three trebles and on the last one you are bringing the foot to the back for a toe “DOWN treble, DOWN treble, DOWN treble back toe.” It’s important to really keep the timing with the back foot on your “down beats” and making sure you can hear each down beat in between each treble. Try doing it really slowly to get the flowing sound as there should be no fast beats in there at all. Loosen up your ankles and knees (while keeping crossed and turn out) and you will have it!

      Let me know if you need anymore help,

      Good luck!

  4. Always when I’m doing normal front trebles my heels click together if I want my knees stay together and my feets are turn out, so I do some extra noise. How can avoid such extra noise? It is so disturbing during class!

    • Shane says: “Try loosening up your knees (while keeping them as close together as possible) and as you are trebling lift the knees slightly so that your foot is coming slightly over the ankle as you change from right to left. I like to say that you should imagine you are cycling the world’s tiniest bicycle so your ankles are working in a circular motion rather then side to side as you treble, this should help your clicking problem and as always practice makes perfect..”

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