The Anatomy Of A Jump 2 3

By Claire Plummer

It is referred to as “Jump 2 3”, “Over”, “Glide”, “Jump Over”, “Hop 2 3”, or “Bird”. But how exactly does your body make this happen?

7 Types Of Irish Dancers You’ll Find In The Studio

By Nina O'Hara Stojanovic

There are several types of dancers you can be sure to meet in every dance studio. Here are the most common types, and some tips on how to deal with them.

Building Confidence #6—Know Which Factors You Can Control

By Ariel Bennett

If your nerves are starting to detract from your performance, it’s important to analyze the different factors that make you nervous so that you can deal with them.

Optimizing Irish Dance Class Time No Matter Your Personality

By A. Kendall

Dance class is only as productive as you make it.

4 Ways To Continue Improving Your Irish Dancing

By Ally Giannini

Sometimes we’re practicing really hard but it doesn’t seem like anything is improving.

3 Trends To Consider When Choosing A New Irish Dance Costume

By Nina O'Hara Stojanovic

Everything is acceptable in love, war and feis fashion – but there really must be some boundaries!

Building Confidence #5—Positive Reminders

By Ariel Bennett

When working on building your confidence, it’s important for you to remember all the things that you do well.

Irish Dance FITTness: Applying The F.I.T.T. Principle

By Cara Sutherland

It’s important for Irish dancers to train and practice efficiently, and the FITT Principles of athletic training can help us.

Tips For Irish Dancing On Slippery Floors

By Ally Giannini

Here are my tips to prevent slipping on your practice or competition stage.

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