Achieving Long-Term Goals: Taking The Time To Enjoy Your Success

By Julia Russell

Take some time to bask in your success.

Too Sick To Dance?

By Cara Sutherland

To dance or not to dance—that is the question this time of year when many dancers start to feel the onset of cold or flu symptoms.

Thoughts Every Irish Dancer Has At Their Oireachtas/Qualifier

By Ally Giannini

Here are 17 thoughts everybody has at their Oireachtas/Qualifier.

Building Confidence #9—Power Statements

By Ariel Bennett

Find out what a power statement is and how to create your own to give yourself confidence and a mental boost before a feis.

What’s Your Excuse?

By Nina O'Hara Stojanovic

No matter if you are a champion dancer in your prime or an adult beginner with a demanding job and a family, nobody can stay focused, motivated and determined all the time.

Building Confidence #8—Feis Day Plan

By Ariel Bennett

A good way to help you manage your competition-day nerves is to make a plan, like a to-do list, of everything that you’re going to do to get ready for the feis.

Thoughts Every Irish Dancer Has Side Stage At A Feis

By Ally Giannini

Here are 16 thoughts everybody has side stage at a feis.

Focusing On The Positives

By Cara Sutherland

Cara recommends keeping a dance journal and asking yourself these questions after class.

Building Confidence #7—Visualization

By Ariel Bennett

Here’s how to use a technique called visualization as part of your Irish dance practice.

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