About Diddlyi

Diddlyi is the affordable way to train with successful, professional, champion dancers (we call them Dance Masters) from around the world through our extensive online video library of Irish dance workshops. Our platform allows you to get comprehensive Irish dance instruction no matter where in the world you are and now matter what your skill level is, with the steps, movements and drills broken down in detail for you.

Subscribe today and you’ll immediately have access to our 200 + videos (that’s over 6 YEARS of lessons!) by simply streaming them from your tablet, computer, or TV – whatever works best for you! You’ve got the support of the Diddlyi Team and the rest of our community each step of the way, too. Sounds good, right?

The Diddlyi Team

Diddlyi is a sum of its huge community, but at the heart of it is a hard working team.  Paul, Shane and Rebecca have been working hard at making Diddlyi the number one place for Irish Dancers online since 2007.  

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We welcome any questions, feature requests, or press questions.  Just ask!

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Phone: +1 (440) 527-3575 (USA)

Paul McAvinchey


Paul takes a lead role in managing, designing and marketing Diddlyi. He is from Kilruane, Co. Tipperary.  He has also had the opportunity to tour with Riverdance in sales and merchandising with the Lagan Company across North America.

Paul wants to use Diddlyi to make a real contribution towards promoting Irish tradition around the world. Although he is not much of a dancer he can belt out an old song when pushed.

Contact Paul:
Office: + 1 (440) 527 3575 (USA)
Email: paul@yaboya.com

Shane McAvinchey


Shane McAvinchey started dancing at the age of six and has been dancing his way around the world since. Shane began Irish Dancing almost by accident. While collecting his sister at her dancing class, the teacher coaxed him to his feet and taught him his first steps. While at the Anne Callanan School of Dancing he showed great interest in dancing competitively and competed in Munster, all-Ireland, Scottish, English and World Championships.

Shane has performed extensively across the world with Riverdance and has appeared in major TV productions including an advertisement in Chicago USA for the department store “Marshall Fields” and The Jose Carreras Gala Show in 2003 which was broadcast live across parts of Europe to over six million viewers.

Shane gives direction to Diddlyi, helping make the site a valuable learning resource and entertainment destination.

Rebecca Feliciano McAvinchey

Managing Editor

Rebecca comes from Cleveland, Ohio and has the busiest job of all as Managing Editor on Diddlyi. She is a good friend to many in the Diddlyi community thanks to her energy in welcoming new members and making sure that people are happy here. Rebecca is half Puerto Rican/half Irish and this mix has encouraged her to learn more about the different facets and values of cultural diversity. She stepped into this management role in 2008 and has since lent a unique point of view on all things Irish on our social networks and online magazine.



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