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Thoughts Every Irish Dancer Has While Breaking In New Hard Shoes


Ally Giannini is an Open Champion dancer for the Lenihan School of Irish Dance as well as a student at Fairfield University. She loves keeping updated on all things Irish Dance. For more from Ally, follow her on twitter @ally_geeniee019.



  • Wow! These new shoes look so pretty!
  • Oh they don’t feel so pretty.
  • Seriously I don’t think all of my toes are going to fit.
  • Ok now I just have to get my heel in.
  • So much easier said than done, ok I got it.
  • *Stands up* Ok these are really painful. I think I’m just going to walk around for a bit and call it a day.



  • Ok I think putting these on today was a little easier.
  • Still super tight. *Trebles* Wow that doesn’t feel so great.
  • I’m going to force myself to wear these for a long time today.
  • Might as well scuff them on the pavement outside.
  • I’ll just practice in my old shoes today.
  • These old shoes feel like slippers!


DAY 3, 4, 5

  • My old shoes are going to fall apart. I need to dance in these new shoes.
  • I’m just going to start slow.
  • Wow trebles aren’t so horrible anymore, maybe I should try something else.
  • Nope bad idea, sticking to the easy stuff.



  • Ouch! These blisters are pretty bad.
  • I think I’ll take a break today.



  • These shoes will not get the best of me.
  • Ha! I can actually move around. *Slips* Ok maybe I should scuff these some more.
  • I need to start working on getting on my toes again.
  • Almost there! I just need to keep bending them.


DAY 8, 9, 10 ect.

  • I can do almost everything now.
  • I only slipped three times.
  • In another week, I should be fine.

Photo credit: Jessica Morneau Photographe

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