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5 People You Will Meet At An Outdoor Feis


Ally Giannini is an Open Champion dancer for the Lenihan School of Irish Dance as well as a student at Fairfield University. She loves keeping updated on all things Irish Dance. For more from Ally, follow her on twitter @ally_geeniee019.


1. The Over-prepared Mom

This mom has everything from the pop-up tent to the cooler stocked with snacks. She has enough supplies for all the dancers in her daughter or son’s dance school. She also remembered sunscreen, bug-spray and one of those nifty misting fans.

2. The Underprepared Mom

This mom, while a very competent indoor feis mom, underestimated the heat and has not brought enough supplies. To her chagrin, all the water bottles have sold out. This mom and her dancer will seek shelter under the tent of an over-prepared mom.

3. The Dad

This dad is not to be confused with a “feis dad.” This dad was lured into attending an outdoor feis because it would be a “fun family day.” This dad is hiding in the corner of a tent desperately trying to escape the endless hum of reel music.

4. The Enthusiastic Outdoor Competitor

This dancer loves everything about the outdoor feis. The heat, or rain, can’t seem to dampen this dancer’s spirit. He or she is prepared with dance sneakers to warm up in and appropriate shoe covers for the rain.

5. The “Why am I here?” Dancer

This dancer is not feeling the outdoor feis atmosphere. He or she has grass all over both his or her softshoes and hardshoes and just really wants to be inside with some air conditioning. This dancer is making a mental note to avoid all outdoor feiseanna in the future.
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  1. We went to the Celtic Fling in PA several years ago and I was the Underprepared Mom BIG TIME. We are going again this year and although I am not going to bother with a tent (I am taking a Japanese parasol) I will have lots more provisions!

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