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Motivational Drill Tips For Irish Dancers

ninaNina is an adult Irish dancer based in Belgrade, Serbia. For more, connect with her on twitter @GingerLujka.

Progress in perfecting steps in Irish dance is best achieved with a lot of drills. But this is also one of the most challenging parts of being an Irish dancer as it requires a lot of self-discipline and patience. Every action that has to be performed repeatedly soon becomes tedious and boring.

Here we offer several helpful tips that could help you get motivated to endure long hours of drilling to perfection.


I find this extremely motivating. During a warm-up, play the music you like and you’ll see how your energy level increases. Also, choose your favorite tunes to drill parts of your steps, but make sure you change them often enough, not to grow tired from listening to the same melody over and over again.


Use your imagination with this one. You can try drilling a certain step by doing it twice on the same foot, or by doing it on the alternate foot every time. You can try facing a different way each time, as to not get too accustomed to watching yourself in the mirror. Or you can improvise different combinations of steps where you use same elements but in a different order. Also, you can try doing all from the above and as many other ideas that come to mind. As long as you take care of your safety and don’t experiment with turning Irish dance into an extreme sport.


I didn’t put it here to help you stay motivated but to remind you to hydrate during your drill. Not only when you feel thirsty – your body is by that time already very dehydrated – but a gulp of water every time you stop would be perfect. I know we hear all the time that it’s important to drink a lot of fluid, but it’s still often neglected. So, don’t forget to hydrate.


Give yourself a specific and realistic goal for each drilling session. For example, to do your step five times in a row with good turn-out, crossed, and with a smile on your face. And then, next time set that goal a bit higher. Keep record of your goals and achievements then when you look back you’ll see how much you have improved.


Record yourself dancing and drilling and then watch your videos afterwards. There are lots of things you don’t notice in the studio but you see them on the camera. Also, the feeling you get in the studio can sometimes trick you, you actually might be dancing better (or worse) than you think. This is why watching yourself ‘from the outside’ can help you get a more realistic picture of how you dance.

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