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Spring Cleaning, Irish Dance Style


Ally Giannini is an Open Champion dancer for the Lenihan School of Irish Dance as well as a student at Fairfield University. She loves keeping updated on all things Irish Dance. For more from Ally, follow her on twitter @ally_geeniee019.

Screen shot 2014-03-26 at 12.02.38 PMt. Patrick’s day madness is over and spring is here. There is so much to look forward to; Worlds, Nationals, outdoor feiseanna, recitals and so much more. Finally, I can go to dance class and not be so cold that I’m dancing in my sweatshirt and sweatpants. With so much to look forward to some spring cleaning is in order. I know that we normally think of spring cleaning in its literal sense but it also has applications in Irish Dance.

Spring is a time for new beginnings, so try to use this time to improve something in your dancing. The days are longer and temperatures are rising. For me this means more energy and motivation. This is often the time of year that we seem to have forgotten our new year’s resolutions. Now is a great time to remember these resolutions, especially if they were related to Irish Dancing. has tons of videos that can give you some inspiration on what to start fixing. It can be something physical like rhythm or stamina or it can be something mental like stage presence.

You can even take spring cleaning in a more literal sense and clean out your dance bag from St. Patrick’s Day. Most of the girls in my dance school, including myself, are guilty of letting dirty poodle socks pile up in our dance bags. In addition, it might be time to get new mascara and to clean off your makeup brushes. I always feel so much better when my dance bag is organized! Also, if you do this now there is a much less likely chance that you will be scrambling around for tanner the day before a feis. It doesn’t matter how you decide to clean up this spring because no matter what you’ll be getting better.

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