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Here’s How To Watch On Your TV


Wouldn’t it be just great if you could view Diddlyi’s online Irish dance workshops on your TV? Well you can and we’re going to tell you how.

The good news is that there are a couple of ways that you can use to easily watch our 200+ video library on your TV depending on the model and what device you are using.

Streaming from a Computer (Mac or PC)

Use a HDMI or VGA cable. Say what? These cables are used to interconnect all the components of your home entertainment system. They are easy to use, we promise!

It’s important to remember which cable to use depends on your TV and computer models. So, for example, if your computer and TV both support HDMI then a HDMI cable is needed. The same thing goes for a VGA cable supported devices. There are also handy adapters that let you switch between both in case, say, your computer is HDMI supported and your TV is only VGA compatible.

Not sure which cable to use? Simply check with the company that made each device. If you’re asking these questions then someone else probably has too and your friend Google will have the answer. You’ll be dancing along to Ashley Smith’s Treble Reel in no time.

From an Android Device

It’s HDMI all the way as Android devices support HDMI mirroring. Get yourself an HDMI cable and you’ll be streaming Scott Doherty’s Held Trebles Drill before you know it. (That is, if your TV is HDMI compatible.)

iOS (Apple) Device

Got yourself an iPhone, iPad or iPod? You’ll need an HDMI cable for these devices to connect to your TV. iPhone 5 owners can use this adapter and for iPad and iPhone 4 owners, you can use this HDMI adapter.

If you’re lucky enough to have AppleTV (available for $99) then you can use AirPlay Mirroring to easily stream Paula Goulding’s “Pilates for Irish Dancers” and more. (For more on using AirPlay Mirroring, read this.)

Google Chromecast

And there’s Chromecast from Google which is an awesome and super affordable way to watch Diddlyi on your TV. It’s $35 device that allows you stream whatever you have on your Chrome browser to your computer by way of a handy little device that sticks in the back of your TV. And yep, with this option you will be brushing up on “The Three Sea Captains” with Nicola Byrne in the blink of an eye. (Ok, it’ll be a few blinks but you get the idea!)


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