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Joined Diddlyi and wondering where to start? This blog post breaks down the main features of Diddlyi and gives direction to the best place for you to begin.

Here are 4 basic things you should know:

  1. Diddlyi is centered around several online, video-based Irish dance Workshops. Our latest Workshop from Scott Doherty is currently taking place. (Below the contents of each of our Workshops are broken down for you.)
  2. As a member of Diddlyi, you have access to the lessons from all Workshops, plus everything we release in the future (there are currently over 200 video lessons!).
  3. We welcome a new Dance Master with a Workshop to Diddlyi every 4 months. The new Dance Master’s lessons in this Workshop are then released every 2 weeks.
  4. Our Workshops are for all levels of Irish dancers – complete beginner to championship level. We recommend that you explore each Workshop to find the videos that are most suitable for your skill level.

So what’s in each Workshop?

Below we have listed the contents of each of our 6 Workshops so that you can get an idea of the variety of video lessons available to you.

Important Link:  Workshop Home Page – This is your portal into each Workshop.

1. Going For Gold with Scott Doherty

If you love doing Irish dance hard shoe and want to improve your rhthym, timing and technique, then this Workshop by World Champion Scott Doherty is for you. There are many different technique lessons here to practice, including different variations of trebles and clicks. You have the chance to then put them all together by learning three brand new treble reels.

View Scott’s Workshop Page

Scott’s Workshop includes the following (click page link to view all):

Treble Reel #1
Treble Reel #2
Treble Reel #3
Toe Diddy Toe
Toe Bang Hold 
Treble & A Toe Bang 
Double Click 
Forward Treble Rhythm 
Quick Warmup
Back Treble
Rhythm Drill 
Double Black Click 
Hop Back Bang & Bang Bang 
Treble A Toe & Slide 
And Tip 1-2-3 Moving 
Held Trebles
Brush Step 1-2 Brush

2. World Champion Masterclass with Ashley Smith

This Workshop is perfect if you want to learn some new hard shoe or soft shoe dances. But the real value comes from studying the techniques and drills that are explained by World Champion Ashley Smith throughout the lessons which you can apply to any dance, including those that you are learning at school.

View Ashley’s Workshop Page

Ashley’s Workshop includes the following (click workshop page link to view all):

Slip Jig
Traditional Hornpipe
Treble Reel
Soft Shoe Reel
Advanced Heavy Jig

3. Master Your Performance with Nicola Byrne

Many Irish dancers enjoy coming up with their own choreography or being inspired by others. In this Workshop, Riverdance star Nicola Byrne will teach you three brand new set dances along with a beautiful new Slip Jig. These are there for you to master first, then make your own by adding your own elements and flair.

View Nicola’s Workshop Page

Nicola’s Workshop includes the following (click workshop page link to view all):

Slip Jig
The Drunk Gauger
The King of the Fairies
The Three Sea Captains

4. Dance Like Sexton with Ciara Sexton

If you are comfortable with the beginners level and want to try out something more challenging, you can practice with this workshop. It centers around two original dances that you can learn. You are also shown many of the key techniques and drills you need to master in order to be able to dance these correctly. There are parts of this workshop that are quite advanced too, such as the Rocks technique, so make sure you take your time with this and only try things that you are comfortable doing.

View Ciara’s Workshop Page

Ciara’s Workshop includes the following (click workshop page link to view all):

Posture & Pointing Your Toe
Over Down Jumps Leaps
Point Hop Back
Dancing On Your Toes
Jump Changes
Double Back Downs
Leg Outs – Straight & Traditional
Turnout & Crossover
Click 2 3s
Jump Backs
Double Cuts
Hop Out Down
Ciara Sexton Reel

5. Train Like A Champion with Paula Goulding

Did you know that it takes more than practice to perfect your Irish dancing techniques and movements? To become an all round better dancer, you must also strengthen and condition body, particularly around certain areas. This workshop from Riverdance star Paula Goulding contains many exercises you can do, no matter what your level, to become a stronger and more consistent performer.

View Paula’s Workshop Page

Paula’s Workshop includes the following (click workshop page link to view):

Dance Preparation
Hard Shoe Drills
Flexibility for Irish Dancing
Perfect Points
Calves Strengthening
Pilates for Irish Dancers
Balancing & Strengthening
Thera-band Workout
Irish Dancing Quads

6. Improve Your Dancing with Shane McAvinchey

This is the perfect place to start for complete beginners; however, the workshop also contains dances that will suit dancers up to intermediate level. Taught by Riverdance star Shane McAvinchey, it contains many of the dances, in both hard and soft shoe, that Irish dancers first learn and will help you develop the foundational skills you need to become an accomplished Irish dancer.

View Shane’s Workshop Page

Shane’s Workshop includes the following (click workshop page link to view):

Beginner Easy Reel
Beginner Slip Jig
Beginner Plus Slip Jig
Beginner Treble Reel
Beginner Plus Heavy Jig
Beginner Plus Treble Reel
Beginner Light Jig
Beginner Plus Reel
Beginner Heavy Jig
Beginner Hornpipe
Beginner Plus Hornpipe


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