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Friendships In Irish Dance

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Ally Giannini is an Open Champion dancer for the Lenihan School of Irish Dance as well as a student at Fairfield University. She loves keeping updated on all things Irish Dance. For more from Ally, follow her on twitter @ally_geeniee019.


Screen shot 2014-01-24 at 11.17.56 AMs Irish Dancers, we are constantly looking for something to improve. We do countless exercises to improve our arch and tons of steps in a row to improve our stamina. While it is good to work on improving, this can sometimes become physically and mentally exhausting. Sometimes we need to give ourselves a break and enjoy the people around us. Oftentimes we value the awards we receive above everything else. When we don’t get the award or placement we want, we can be left feeling empty. Then all the training we did seems meaningless. Whenever I feel this way, I take some time to think about the wonderful people that I have met through Irish Dancing.

When dancing gets overwhelming, the people that understand the most are my friends from dance. They understand how difficult it is to get a streak free spray tan and how frustrating it is to not be able to turn out your left foot. They also speak the language of Irish Dance fluently. I can call one of my friends when I forget a step and they can tell me through a series of “dadadaas” what I’m missing. They are with you every step of your dancing journey, offering a hug when you’re upset and a hand when you need one to squeeze during an awards ceremony.

Out of the many benefits of Irish Dancing, lifelong friendships are some of the greatest. I have known many of my friends from Irish dance for fifteen years. They were with me through most of my childhood and all throughout high school. I know that they will be my friends for the rest of my life. When I look back, I remember laughter. Laughter before, during and after dance class, when I received a dance related text or snapchat from one of my friends, and while looking at funny pictures of my friends and I in our wigs. They always made dance fun, even when I didn’t even want to look at my dance shoes anymore. These friendships are more precious than any perpetual cup.

So if you’re feeling stressed this week, look through some old dance photos of some of your favorite memories with your close friends.

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