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Check It Out: An Jig Gig Performances (Weeks 6 & 7)

We’re a little behind compiling the latest from An Jig Gig, the reality show searching for Ireland’s best Irish dancing act. (Sorry about that!) Today we’ve got the performances from Week 6 AND Week 7 for you. We know this seems like a lot to get through but you can do it! Come to think of it, maybe you should make some popcorn before kick back and watch the latest.

Performance by Double Steps (Week 6)

Performance by Woody Schiettecotte (Week 6)

Performance by Clear Rhythm (Week 6)

Performance by Na Premier Dancers (Week 6)

Performance by Damhsóirí Seite Loch Gamhna (Week 6)

Performance by Clodagh McCaffrey (Week 6)

Performance by Strings of Fire (Week 6)

Performance by Davog & Seán De Frein (Week 6)

Performance by Cruthanna Deasa (Week 7)

Performance by Damhsóirí Seite Naomh Bríde (Week 7)

Performance by Pedro & Suzanna (Week 7)

Performance by Na GI Jones (Week 7)

Performance by Na Damhsóirí Windsor (Week 7)

Performance by Emma Moore (Week 7)

Performance by Rincóirí Loch Gorman (Week 7)

Performance by Kianan O’Doherty (Week 7)


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