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Check It Out: An Jig Gig Performances (Week 8)

It’s Friday afternoon and it’s time for the Diddlyi office’s weekly An Jig Gig viewing party. (In case you haven’t been following our posts, An Jig Gig is a reality show searching for Ireland’s best Irish dance act. You can see all the performances here.) Come join the party and see what happened on Week 8’s episode.

Performance by Mystic Force (Week 8)

Performance by Ciaran Keogh & Nathan Hynes (Week 8)

Performance by Rinceoirí Na Laoi (Week 8)

Performance by Na Deirfiúracha McElhone (Week 8)

Performance by Cairde ag Rince (Week 8)

Performance by Scoil Rince Doyle-Halpin (Week 8)

Performance by Hup (Week 8)

Performance by Rinceoirí Ardachta (Week 8)



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