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6 Reasons Why Irish Dancing Is Really Good For You

Nina is an adult Irish dancer based in Belgrade, Serbia. For more, connect with her on twitter @GingerLujka.

Irish dance is good for you. And I’m not just being biased here – it’s a scientific fact. There have been many studies written about the health benefits of dance in general, and lately I have read some very interesting facts that I want to share.

1 – The first and most obvious thing is that dance is the best and most enjoyable way of keeping fit and fighting those few extra pounds that might be dangerous to your heart. Studies have shown that dancing is more beneficial to your heart than cycling or swimming, probably because it’s more enjoyable to move to the music but also because dance engages both your mind and body.

2 – Learning and repeating steps engages and exercises your cognitive skills thus improving your memory. There’s a number of mental activities that help ward off dementia in elderly people, but only one physical, and that’s dance. In some parts of the world, dance is used as a therapy when treating dementia and Parkinson’s disease, because it improves mobility.

3 – Irish dance is especially beneficial for children because of its unique posture – it strengthens core muscles and it’s also a very enjoyable activity to help get those flat feet fixed.

Apart from physical benefits, there are a lot of other issues dance can help you with, too.

4 – Firstly, Irish dance really improves your social skills! You spend hours surrounded by people with whom you share the same interest and goals with. You help each other improve and these shared experiences create long lasting bonds.

5 – It boosts confidence, because it teaches you how not to lose your nerve when on stage.

6 – It also teaches you that hard work and discipline will get you far, while excuses and bad attitudes lead to zero result. It teaches that determination, hard work and dedication are powerful tools that will help your dreams come true.

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