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3 Tips To Boost Your Motivation In Irish Dance

Nina is an adult Irish dancer based in Belgrade, Serbia. For more, connect with her on twitter @GingerLujka.

For me, Irish dancing is a love/hate relationship. I love the music, I love the moves, I love how it makes me feel as though I can fly, I love the costumes, I love my dancing friends and I love the culture and the history behind it. At the very same time, I hate the pain, I hate the feeling that I will never learn a certain step or that I won’t improve my leaps, I hate the injuries, and I hate bad feis results and bad performances.

Getting and staying motivated in Irish dance is the key issue I face regularly. There are several things that help me when I get discouraged, so today I’m sharing three things that motivate me to get up and dancing.

1 – Watching Dancers Who Are Better Than Me

There’s nothing more beautiful than watching a parade of champions from any major competition. Seeing those amazingly skillful dancers in their sashes, showing off their talent and seeing the results of hard work really moves me to keep on practicing, because some day, if I put the same hard work into my dancing, one of those champions could be me.


2 – Inspirational Quotes

The internet is full of them. And thank God we live in the age of blooming communication technologies. I warmly recommend Tumblr – there are a lot of dancers there and most of them are very keen on sharing inspirational posters, gifs of their favorite steps, and their own video demonstrations of everything from how to do a certain trick to how to make your wig look gorgeous on you. You can even have questions from your fellow dancers answered there!

3 – Remembering My Achievements

Remember where you’ve been, then look to where you are now and just imagine how much more you can do in the future if you don’t give up. I have my medals and trophies strategically positioned over my computer screen, since that’s where I spend a significant part of my free time. And yes, I even include those medals I consider to be somewhat disappointing from when I thought I’d place but didn’t, because they remind me how important it is not to give up, to push harder and do better next time.

Find Your Wall of Inspiration

Here are a few fun and inspirational images that I hope motivate you, too. We are all different and are therefore triggered by different impulses. Find something that really gets you fired up and makes you want to rush down to the studio, put your dancing shoes on and practice your steps until you can perform them perfectly. It doesn’t have to be any of the things listed in this post – as long as it keeps you inspired and motivated, keep doing it! And please share what keeps you motivated in the comments section. We can help inspire each other!









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