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VIDEO: Irish Dance Meets West Africa

Life is full of unexpected, special moments.  Last November, I visited my best friend, Eimer Peters, in Sierra Leone where she worked with Tribewanted Sierra Leone.  I happened to have my Irish dancing shoes with me (I never leave home without them) and this is what happened on a sunny Sunday afternoon on John Obey Beach:



Editor’s note: To see more of Shane’s dancing, check out his online Irish dance workshops here on Diddlyi.


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  1. What was an Irish dancing leprechaun doing in my beloved SL?! 🙂 . Fantabulous!
    Should you meet the folks from Tribewanted again, tell them there is a 1000 kisses and a million gratitude heading their way.

    BTW, the Munich Paddy’s Day “after parade party” was grossartig. Twas good craic!!


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