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The Top 10 WORST Things To Do On Stage At A Feis

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Dance teachers talk a lot about what you should do when competing at a Feis. Great posture, turned out feet, and smiling are all very important. But what isn’t discussed too much, especially with beginner dancers, is what NOT to do when on stage.

Some of the things we do that are perfectly acceptable in every day life can look really strange on stage. When a dancer gets on stage, knowing a judge is watching and keeping score, they need to be on their best behavior and I’ve learned that some dancers just don’t know what NOT to do.

I’ve watched dancers do some really funny things, so I thought I’d make a list of the top ten worst things to do when competing on stage at a Feis. Enjoy!

The top ten WORST things to do on stage at a Feis are…

10: Scratch your face.
9: Fix the ruffles under your skirt.
8: Copy the moves of dancer next to you, if you forget your steps.
7: Look down at your dress. Yes, it may be new and exciting to look at, but now is not the time.
6: Talk to the person next to you.
5: Stare into the judges eyes for an extended period of time. You’ll freak them out!
4: Bend over to pick something up. You’ll give a lot of people a good look at your kick pants.
3: Wave to your Mom in the audience.
2: Stop dancing if you collide with another dancer.

And the number one worst thing to do on stage at a Feis is…

1: Walk on stage to a specific spot, then move slightly to the right, then move again, then move again. I see this more than anything else and it looks ridiculous from the audience’s point of view. Even Championship dancers do this all the time. It makes even the best dancers look indecisive and unprofessional. How hard is it to pick a spot to start dancing? Find the middle as you’re walking on, plant yourself, then stay there!

Can you think of something worse?

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  1. Don't forget that you are still wearing cheer-type shorts over top of your bloomers…this cost me a first one time and I was horrified when I discovered my mistake.

  2. One of my sons can't help putting his hands in his pockets while dancing onstage. He's also been known to chew gum while competing. Yikes!

  3. I saw a little one at a feis in March smiling so hard her face turned red! It was really cute because she was only five or six, but it looked really goofy! Also I've seen a couple dancers (age 12 and 13) cry on stage. THAT doesn't look good AT ALL! πŸ™‚

  4. My daughter would line up perfectly. Turn out beautifully, pull her shoulders back then yawn big enough to swallow a judge!

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