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The Top Ten Reasons Why Irish Dancers Are So Weird


There are a few things that only an Irish dancer can understand. Once you’ve been dancing for many years, you start to forget just how weird the culture can feel to an outsider. Just a few weeks ago I caught my sister-in-law staring at me in shock wondering why in the world I was putting glue on my legs. I still get asked all the time if those ringlet curls are my real hair, and I avoid using terms like hornpipe, feis and ghillies since most people have no clue what I’m talking about.

So I thought it would be funny to create a top ten list all about the most shocking elements of Irish dancing culture, or in other words: The top ten reasons why Irish dancers are so weird. Enjoy!

10: We are completely out of breath after dancing for only 45 seconds.
9: When we plan a vacation we choose a place that’s holding a feis that weekend.
8: The terms poodle, shuffle, wiggly, and scissor have a different meaning to us.
7: Our legs move at a seemingly unnatural speed.
6: We think hot pink and florescent green go well together.
5: We pay $1000 for one dress and consider it a great deal.
4: We put glue on our legs to hold up our socks.
3: The skirts on our dresses are so hard we can’t even sit in them.
2: We have multiple wigs in our closet.

And the number one weirdest…
1: We don’t care if our skirts flip up when we’re on stage.

Can you think of something even weirder?

Photo credit: Shelly Allen – For more from Shelly, check out her Irish dance blog & art on


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  1. hm…
    i'm an irish dancer for 4 years and i can not say that 6, 5 and 2 are about me…
    i think these terms are more about young dancers and kids, not for senior. Pink and florescent green go well together? Noway!!!

  2. Well, we wear tiaras quite frequently and we pack at least three bags for an overnight trip (dress bag, overnight bag, bag with shoes and makeup; plus a wig box). We can have very muscular legs, but noodle arms. We can suspend our jumps in the air for seemingly impossible amounts of time. And, at least in my case, there is an inordinate amount of cultural music on your iPod (at least a third of my music is Irish music).

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