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People Who Don’t Know How To Irish Dance, Attempting To Irish Dance

Before I started taking Irish dance classes, I probably wouldn’t recognize the difference between trained dancers and people messing around. Now that I know what real Irish dancing looks like, it is hilarious to watch random people try to Irish dance with no training at all. It’s surprising how bad people are at attempting a few shuffles and whips on a whim. I get the privilege of watching people try to Irish dance all the time, especially when I first mention that I’m an Irish dancer myself. For some reason when people learn this about me, they feel the need to start flailing their legs around in an attempt to show they know the style I’m referring to.

I enjoy watching people make a fool of themselves trying to Irish dance without experience, so I thought it would be fun to share a few hilarious videos of people who don’t know how to Irish dance, attempting to Irish dance.


Photo credit: Shelly Allen – For more from Shelly, check out her Irish dance blog & art on



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