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Irish Dance Masters Wore What?

You know that we’re mad for Irish Dance Masters here at Diddlyi.  So let’s talk Dance Master fashion since we know that Dance Masters were pretty fashionable in their day.

We found this great description of their outfits in detail in Frank Whelan’s The Complete Guide to Irish Dance:

[They] wore a Caroline hat, swallow-tailed coat, tight knee breeches, white stockings and turn-pumps, and carried a cane with a silver head and silk tassel.

This description conjures up a pretty fantastical image in our heads, especially since we know that Dance Masters dressed in super fine duds that were often much nice than clothes of the average person.

So, were you thinking this, too?

Screen shot 2013-08-13 at 8.13.09 PM


Source: Whelan, Frank.  The Complete Guide to Irish Dance. Belfast, Northern Ireland: Appletree, 2000.



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