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Riverdance World Record Attempt: The Highlights

The event took place on Samuel Beckett Bridge in Dublin.

Samuel Beckett Bridge in Dublin

Photo credit: wikipedia commons

Unless you’ve been living under a rock (and it’s totally cool if you have been), you probably know that an attempt at the Guinness World Record for most number of dancers performing Riverdance at one time took place recently in Dublin as part of The Gathering.  There has been a lot of brilliant coverage of the event, so we checked out all sorts of news outlets and put together a highlight list of the most interesting items we came across. Spoiler alert for those of you living under a rock: The attempt was successful with 1,693 dancers.

1.  Dancers from 44 countries took part of in the event. 44!  We’re talking from places as far as the USA, Japan, Mexico, and even Uzbekistan. And there was representation from 163 different dance schools. 163!  Darn right impressive.  Plus, there were around 100 dancers who currently perform in Riverdance there, too.  [Source]

2. The event took place on (and around) the Samuel Beckett Bridge in Dublin, a cable bridge built to evoke an image of a harp lying on its edge.  Jean Butler noted that it was “the most sprung of a floor [she] ever danced on.”  [Source; Source]

3.  Wowza. Padraic Moyles, who has been part of Riverdance for over a decade, said the World Record attempt experience was the highlight of his career.  [Source]

4.  Last weekend’s event smashed the previous World Record by over 1,000 dancers.  The previous record took place in Nashville, TN (USA) in 2011 and was organized to promote the release of the now beloved Irish dance documentary, “Jig.”  [Source]

5. There were actually more than 1,693 dancers in the line; however, the auditors were only able to process that number of participants in time for the record attempt.  In fact, some accounts suggest there were almost 3,000 dancers there. Why couldn’t all of the dancers be processed?  Time.  Everyone had to be off the bridge by 12:30. [Source; Source; Source]

And there you have it!  If you know of any other interesting tidbits, please leave a comment in the section below and share with us.



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