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9 Weird & Funny Things I Found On ebay For Irish Dancers

After the amusing morning I had recently perusing weird and funny items on Amazon for Irish dancers, I decided to broaden my search to ebay to see what gems are on offer there.  So I sifted through a bunch of regular items, like sock glue, wig racks, and crowns, and then stumbled upon some seriously noteworthy merchandise. I’ll warn you now that these items are particularly enticing, so you may want to act fast – you know how ebay works, right? Ok, here we go!

Picture 21IRISH, St. Patty’s Day, St. Patrick’s Dancing Bear , Sweatshirt, XLG

You guys, I can’t.  Ok, I can. This is fine for a fancy dress/costume party but that is it – well, unless maybe you’re a hipster.  I’m sorry if you love it. Actually, if you love it then I just did you a favour and now you can buy it. You’re welcome.  I also have to mention that the title says “St. Patty’s Day” which we all know is just wrong. WRONG.




Tell me this and tell me no more, have themed hangers now become a thing?  I’m old so I don’t know.


Picture 29Irish Dancers Kick Butt * Irish Dance Premium Rubber Stamp

Let me start by saying that I actually have a a decent sized rubber stamp collection, though it is long retired.  My point is that I’m game for some scrap booking fun, and I’m thinking that this stamp would be useful for that purpose. However, how many times could you really use this stamp?  It’s not like every page needs an “Irish Dancers Kick Butt” theme. I think we can get a bit more creative than that! Possible other uses for this stamp are welcome in the comments section.


Picture 22Hard Rock Cafe PHILADELPHIA 2006 IRISH DANCE PIN Sexy GIrl & Leprechaun #33593

Am I right that this pin is kind of sassy?  I’m just not sure where you would put this if you owned it.


Picture 24Irish Dance/Dancing Baby Socks

Ok, these little socks are neither weird nor funny but they are pretty cute.  Baby clothes get me every time.





You know, I think this is kind of weird and cool. C’mon!  Irish dancing pigs!  I’m pretty sure I wouldn’t drop the fairly steep 24 buck asking price for this though.



Here’s how I feel about this: If you’re feeling all crafty and get your art on in some stein painting place then this is kind of great. A friend comes over and sees this stein in your place and says, “wow, did you paint that?” and you can happily answer in the affirmative.  Alternatively, if you tell your friend you spent thirty dollars on this for a decoration then …



Picture 28DRESDEN IRELAND Irish DANCING COUPLE Man & Woman Figurine AS IS

Well isn’t this grand?  That is really all I have to say.



Have you guys ever come across any funny or weird things for Irish dancers online?  Leave a comment for me if you have.  Seriously.  I need to get off the ebay website.

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