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7 Weird & Funny Things I Found on Amazon for Irish Dancers

As a new mother, I do most of my shopping online at  It’s fast and easy, the delivery is free, and I almost always find what I need.  Of course, I often find really strange items during my online shopping searches. This morning, as I searched for wicker waste baskets (yes, this is my life), I decided to search for “Irish Dance” products just to see what my dear friends at Amazon have available.  It won’t surprise you that Jig the movie came up in my search along with various other Master Class DVDs and Irish dance themed novels, history books, and such.  However, in true wacky Amazon fashion, a slew of really random and funny products came up in my search, too.  Here are some of my favorites:


Picture 2

1. Ireland-Opoly

Seriously, did you know this existed?  The box features a leprechaun and a pint of Guinness.  This game could either be extremely entertaining in all of its ridiculousness or just plain ridiculous.  There’s no explanation of where Irish dance plays a role in game but we can bet that Mr. Flatley makes a wide opened shirt appearance at some point.


Picture 32. My Favourite Dance Is Irish Dance Black Metal License Plate Frame Tag Border

I think this would be an even bigger seller (because it’s probably a big seller already) if it had a little bling on it, just sayin’.


Picture 4

3. Festivals Of The World: Irish Dance Barbie Doll

You’ve probably already all seen this Irish dance beauty at some stage.  Did you know she has other Irish-themed Barbie friends?  My question is how many of you actually own any of these dolls?  (And if you do, I’m not judging. I have a pretty extensive doll collection myself. I also collect keychains. We all have our things. I hope.)   


Picture 11

4. Sister Folk “Dance As If No One Were Watching” Irish Figurine

Bless. Apparently there is a market for an Irish dancing nun. Um, get yours fast?



Picture 6

5. Real Guys Love Irish Step Dance Plastic Sign 

I’m going to level with you all, I think this sign is just plain weird.  I mean, what on earth would you even do with this? 



Screen Shot 2013-05-08 at 11.33.46 AM6. Dance Mania Mad Libs

Mad Libs are the best. I write this without any sarcasm. Why wouldn’t you want to do dance themed Mad Libs for a laugh?  I really must buy this one. 





Picture 9

7. Maniac Irish Step Dance Mens Hoodie

Friends, a maniac is a raving or violently insane person. I just don’t think branding oneself as a maniac of Irish dance is a good idea.


Of course, Amazon has a bunch of completely normal products for Irish dancers that frankly seem a little boring compared to what’s on my list.  Gosh, Amazon should pay me for writing this post.  Leave a comment below and let me know if you’ve ordered anything I’ve just shared with you here so that I can write Amazon and collect royalties.

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