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Be Inspired By Ashley Smith


Diddlyi welcomes Ashley Smith, our fifth super talented Dance Master, to our team to help you dance your best.  We want you all to get to know our newest Dance Master because she’s a great person on and off and the stage floor.  Enjoy our Q&A with Ashley, and stay tuned as we’ll be rolling out her workshop this summer and you’re going to love it!

Where’s the best place in the world you have performed?

The best performance I ever [performed] was definitely dancing during the half time show for the Boston Celtics. I was a young girl and I remember running onto the court and looking around at thousands of people in the stands. I knew I wanted to perform again for a huge crowed. It was so exciting.

What’s the best Irish dance accessory?

I think the best accessory for a dancer is gaffers tape. It is even better then duck tap. Put a little bit on the toe and heel of your hard shoe and I promise you, you will never slip!


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What’s your best fitness tip for Irish dancers?

The best fitness tip I can give to a dancer is to practice your dance routine to the fullest every time. Whether you have one step or three, dancing full out all the time is the best way to build stamina and to gain muscle memory.


What’s the best advice you can give dancers about achieving goals?

The best advice I have for all dancers is to never give up on your dreams. There is a quote I live by every day and that is, “Dare to dream whether big or small, believe in yourself and you can achieve all.”

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What’s your most embarrassing dance moment?

My most embarrassing dance moment was when I was dancing at the Great Britain Championships. I was at the edge of the stage and went up for a big front click. As I came down, both of my feet slipped right underneath me and next thing I knew I fell flat on the floor and whacked my head on the stage. The center judge yelped in shock and went to ring the bell, but before she could, I bounced right back up and kept going. My Dad always says if you fall get right back up, and I sure did bloody lip and all!

  • Want to know even more about Ashley? Check out her Diddlyi Bio here.

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