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Be Inspired By Ciara Sexton


Diddlyi has five inspiring and super talented Dance Masters as part of our team helping you to dance your best. We want you all to get to know each of our Dance Masters a little better because they are great people on and off the stage floor. Next up is Ciara Sexton of Lord of the Dance who teaches our Dance Like Sexton workshop.

What’s the best place in the world you have performed?

The best place i have ever performed was with Celtic Feet in Hyde Park on St Patrick’s Day in front of 65,000 people. The atmosphere was electric, it is by far one of my most treasured experiences to date!

What’s the best Irish dance accessory?

The best Irish dance accessory, in performance or in competition, is confidence. Make sure you never step on stage without a bag of it!

What’s your best fitness tip for Irish dancers?

Best thing for fitness in Irish Dance is to Irish dance! It works, I promise! When I danced competitively, I also boxed twice a week, ran and worked on my cardio work out every day during ‘feis season’. It all helped.

What’s the best advice you can give Irish dancers about achieving goals?

Set a goal, then make a plan as to how you can make that goal happen. Step by step, your plans lead to you making your dreams come true and achieving anything you put your mind to. Remember to always have faith in yourself, because if you don’t, then who else will?

What’s your most embarrassing dance moment?

Out my of array of dance disasters, one of my most embarrassing moments has to be having bright green legs at a feis in Birmingham. Everyone thought it was hilarious! Fake tan – 1, Sexton – 0.

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