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The Making of ‘Dance Like Sexton’

(More Pictures Below)

Ciara Sexton needs no introduction to anyone seriously interested in Irish dance, but I will give her one anyway! She toured the world with Lord of the Dance for many years, starring as the lead dancer alongside Michael Flatley. But most would say even that wasn’t a crowning achievement since she’d already earned that after winning both the All Ireland and World Irish dancing championships five times.

So obviously we were very eager to have her featured as a Dance Master here on Diddlyi. And thankfully she was excited as we were about the project! 

So last year we organised a two day shoot in the wonderful Liffey Trust Studios in Dublin. Her Workshop was an exhausting thing to produce and I can only guess how exhausting it was for Ciara to star in. But she was so positive throughout the whole experience and we managed to record two full dances and many technique exercises.

When shooting for Diddlyi, our aim is to capture multiple angles of every movement so you can see them in detail. And we always have to be keeping the person at home in front of their computer in mind when filming. So that means that we need to plan in advance every single shot, from the close ups of techniques to a full dance with music. And for Ciara we also recorded her talking through the steps, kind of like a commentator on a football game post-match analysis.

Here are some exclusive, behind-the-scenes shots of Ciara Sexton’s Diddlyi shoot (thanks to photographer, Adrian Mullan):


There is great light and space in the Liffey Trust Studios. Perfect for Diddlyi shoots.


Perspective is making Shane look a little bigger than usual here, as he goes over a new routine with Ciara.


The team takes a look at a previous shot to see how it turned out. We’d also use this time to allow Ciara to compose her analysis commentary.


Here’s a nice view of the entire space and our friends at Simply Zesty who did the film production duties.


Shane looks on. For two days of shooting, there was a lot of looking on.


Ciara was a professional as expected, but she also naturally knew exactly how to teach to an audience that she could not see (you!).


Thank you Ciara Sexton for a great shoot and fantastic Workshop. Thanks also go to Adrian Mullan who took all these wonderful photographs.

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